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Saheli provides you with a large choice of high end lubricants, which meet the most stringent international standards.

Saheli lubricants:

  • Ensure the lubrication and protection of mechanical parts in motion,
  • Reduce the friction caused by the movement of metallic parts in contact,
  • Evacuate the heat generated by the combustion,
  • Prevent oil leakage in the cylinder,
  • Carry out wear and combustion deposits and debris through the oil drainage.

Saheli lubricants also help to lower fuel consumption and extend engine life.

Automotive and Heavy Duty Equipment

Saheli Automotive and Heavy Duty Equipment lubricants protect your engine, gearbox and all the mechanical parts of your vehicle. They help prevent friction and increase the engine's performance, and help to lower fuel consumption.

The range of Saheli Automotive and Heavy Duty Equipment Lubricant Products offers a comprehensive list of engine oils and specialty products such as transmission and brake fluids, coolant and antifreeze.


Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

PowerSynth XL
Premium passenger car motor oil specially developed for the most modern high output gasoline and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light-duty trucks... Learn More
PowerSynth RNX
Power Semi-Synth
Falcon XS
Falcon S
Premium GTS

Premium GT
Premium Motor Oil

Truck and Heavy Duty Equipment

Zonda Synth X
Zonda Synth ELD
Zonda HDX
Zonda HD
Ultra XS
Ultra S
PowerDrive XS
PowerDrive HD-THO
PowerDrive HD
PowerDrive CF
PowerDrive LE

Gear, Axle and Transmission

Gear Synth MP
Gear Synth HD
Gear Synth FE
Gear Synth LL
Gear Synth VA
Gear Synth VF
Gear MP
Gear EP

Automatic Transmission


PowerShift T4

Brake, Clutch, Fork and Power Steering

Racing Brake DOT5.1
Racing Brake AR
Brake HD DOT 4
Brake Fluid DOT 4
Brake Fluid DOT 3
Forkola XM
Hydro CHF Cynth
Citro BHS


Agro Titan HHT
Agro Titan MPT
Agro Titan HTF
Agro Hercules SUMO
Agro Power HD
Milking Power HD

Automotive Gas Powered Engine

Verio G 2003
Verio MG 2004
Verio G-HP

Motorcycle and Outboard

Engineered to meet the lubrication needs of motorcycles, Saheli Motorcycle lubricants surpass your expectations for a smooth, efficient and reliable engine.

Saheli provides you with a range of quality products to meet the daily use of all types of 2- and 4-stroke engines in-line with manufacturers’ specifications. This section also includes high performance outboard and forklift engines oils.


Ezo Synth 4T
Ezo Synth 2T
Ezo Synth 4T Plus
Ezo 4T
Ezo 2T Plus
Ezo 2T
Cruiser 4T
Cruiser 2T

Industry et Specialties

Saheli provides you with a wide range of lubricating oils and fluids specially designed for heavy industrial machineries and all types of industrial applications.

Saheli Industry and Specialty Lubricants will enhance the performance of your equipment and help increase asset utilization and lifespan.

Turbines and Hydraulic Systems

Concord Synth

Concord RO
Concord AW
Concord AW Plus
Concord AW Plus Super Clean
Concord AW Super Clean
Concord XHVI
Concord HP
Concord HDD
Concord CME
Concord Bio-Synth
Concord Bio-EF
Turbinol EP

Compressors and Refrigeration Systems

Skiron HP
Skiron Advanced-S
Skiron Advanced-LL
Skiron Antartico

Industrial Gears

Tivano EP-HD
Tivano EP Synth
Tivano EP G-Synth
Tivano HVI

Bearing and Circulating Systems

Circula PMA


Pyrosafe 46 XD
Activa MTS
Activa MTS Premium
Forma TC
Forma MR
RustPro C
RustPro C1
RustPro C2
RustPro ST
Voltinol I
Voltinol II

Voltinol U
Thermo X32
Zenoli C
Zenoli Premium
SolCut HDS

Evac XP 32


Saheli offers you a range of multifunctional lubricants for the performance and lubrication requirements of locomotives.

Railmotive 135
Railmotive 175
Railmotive 473


Saheli provides you with a wide range of lubricating oils for marine applications. Saheli Marine Products meet the most stringent international standards and guarantee a high level of protection and performance of the fleet.

Marine Trunk Piston Engine

Azura MD
Azura EL-X
Azura EL-XS

Middle Speed Marine Diesel Engines

Azura TD 15W40
Azura HPD 15W40
Azura XL-HP 15W40
Azura EHP 4015

High Speed Marine Diesel Engines

Sonora DDC
Sonora HP
Sonora MX
Sonora Premium

Marine Crankcase and Cylinder

Aquilon CHS
Aquilon MLS
Aquilon 1000
Aquilon LS
Aquilon SCO

Marine Gear Oils

Progresa EP
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